EA Sports teases “beautiful football” with new teaser

Earlier today, EA Sports have again stirred up the hype around FIFA 16 with a new teaser for a new trailer, which will be released this Monday. The last trailer, which was released two weeks ago, announced the addition of women's national teams, which left quite a few...

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FIFA 16 adds women’s national teams

Yesterdays announcement from EA Sports said they would release the first FIFA 16 news to the world today. That moment is now. They've announced the addition of women's national teams to the FIFA 16 raster! For the first time in FIFA game history you'll be able to play...

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FIFA 16 is on its way. De latest instalment in the popular sport series may have yet to be announced, but that doesn’t matter. Fans know that the yearly update of their favourite football game is as sure as two times two is four. Every year it’s EA Sports mission to entertain us with the latest FIFA game and this year that will be FIFA 16.

“Right, FIFA 16 is underway. Everyone knows that. So what use is FIFA-16.co.uk?” Here on FIFA-16.co.uk we’ll do our utter best to keep you up to date with the latest news updates, tips, trailers and a lot more FIFA 16 related. Do you want to know when exactly the FIFA 16 release is or when the game is available for pre-order? Or even where you can order FIFA 16 cheapest? Look no further, cause we’ll make sure you will!

Most of you might not even ponder yet about pre-ordering FIFA 16. FIFA 15 only came out seven months ago and it will take several more before the next instalment sees light. Are you however one of those die hard FIFA fans and don’t want to wait a day longer than necessary? Then FIFA-16.co.uk is the place to be! We’ll keep a close eye on all things FIFA 16 related, such as news updates, trailers, pre-order possibilities and price comparisons. So while it’s still a little too soon to actually pre-order FIFA 16, you might want to stay up to date on all updates. You can do so by liking FIFA-16.nl on Facebook: